Retailers to benefit from new SureFlap pet door

Merchandising and promotion to help drive sales

SureFlap’s customers have been clamouring for its new larger microchip operated Pet Door, which has been specially designed for small dogs and larger cats.  The new product was launched at PATS in September and the company is keen to support the retail channel.

Judith Bank, Marketing Manager says:

“We have designed the pet door to meet the requirements of customers and we had nearly one thousand pre-orders from trade and the public before the launch.  We will be actively promoting to consumers in the lead up to Christmas and expect that retailers will benefit from increased sales of both the standard SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap and the new larger product.”

To support retailers SureFlap is producing a range of merchandising products such as new leaflets for the SureFlap demonstration unit, which introduces both the products and also the forthcoming ‘selective exit’ version of the cat flap available next year.

Round window stickers which cling to the transparent flaps of either product highlight the introduction of the new pet door, and shelf barkers and wobblers attract attention around the store.

Judith is keen to gain feedback from retailers.

SureFlap firmly believes that pet owners like purchasing from retail outlets where they can gain advice and see the products for themselves,” she says.

“We know that cat owners have found SureFlap extremely beneficial where intruder cats have been entering the home and being a nuisance.  However, for owners of small dogs we think that convenience might be the important factor.  The pet door’s new lock timer could be used to let the pet out into the garden during the middle of the day for toileting and exercise.”

Reliability is a key feature of SureFlap products and the new door incorporates enhancements to the locking mechanism which allow for bigger and stronger animals to use the door on a day-to-day basis.  The curved polycarbonate door and strong hinges also withstand the attentions of the most persistent would-be intruder. Two independently sprung locks prevent the door twisting even when an intruder pushes hard against one corner, which is a common tactic, and double magnets hold the door securely in place.

SureFlap’s industry-leading microchip reader, located within the tunnel, has also been improved for the larger pet door to extend its range.  Dogs have greater variety in their ‘nose-to-chip’ distance and the new mini microchips can be harder to locate.  Over-specification of the reader will ensure that it has consistently high performance and is compatible with all types of microchip.

The pet door also incorporates new features that customers have said would be useful such as the curfew mode, which allows pet owners to specify the times at which the door is locked or open; ideal for keeping a pet indoors overnight. The settings are controlled like an alarm clock and shown on an integral display screen at the top of the product.

The pet door also comes with a specially designed, lightweight RFID collar tag. Although the company advocates microchipping, this new functionality was added to give the product a wider appeal.  It also means that visiting pets can be given temporary access very easily. Additional collar tags are sold separately in packs of two.

The new SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is incredibly energy efficient.  It runs on 4 C Cell batteries, which last for up to 12 months with typical use, eliminating the requirement to run a mains connection to the door, or to frequently change the batteries.

SureFlap can be contacted directly on +44 (0) 1954 211664, or by email at

Written by Claire Lynn

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