Life Light Guides Fire Fighters To A Child’s Bedroom Door

A bright strobe light alerts rescuers to where a child is most like to hide

During a domestic fire the vast majority of children are found hiding in their bedroom, and Life Light guides fire fighters to the child’s bedroom door. Life Light is triggered by the sound of any smoke alarm and emits a very bright strobe light which is visible even in thick smoke. In the UK fire fighters attend dangerous domestic fires every ten minutes, and rescuing a child rapidly is a top priority in order to prevent serious injury and save lives.

Derek Wilson from Light Life Rescue says: “Primates often perish in forest fires because their instinct is to escape by climbing to their nests in the treetops, in the same way a child’s instinct is to run upstairs and hide where they feel safe…in their bedroom. When a fire fighter searches a house, time is precious, and Life Light guides them directly to where a child is likely to be in the shortest possible time.”

Des Prichard, Chief Fire Officer & Chief Executive at the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, says: “The concept of the Life Light is really exciting. For fire fighters, one of their greatest challenges in entering a burning building is to locate the room where people may be trapped.” 

The light is triggered not by smoke but by the SOUND of any smoke alarm. Derek explains: “There’s a good reason why smoke detectors are placed on the ceiling: smoke rises so this is where the highest density will be. However, a Life Light is most visible lower down, just above the door handle. This is why Life Light is triggered by the sound of the smoke alarm not by smoke itself.”

False alarms such as toast burning aren’t a problem because the Life Light only activates after two minutes of the smoke alarm bleeping. There is always a lag time between a 999 call and fire crews arriving, so there is no benefit to the light being activated as soon as the alarm sounds. If there is a false alarm it is easy to hit the reset button.

The Life Light combines advanced Digital Signal Processing with the latest strobe technology. There is a legal requirement for smoke alarms to be within a set frequency, which ensures that Life Light works with them all.

Life Light is also ideal for the doors of other vulnerable people, such as the elderly, who may be unable to find their way out of a building.

Life Light comes with a special adhesive which fixes securely and easily to the door surround, but can also be removed cleanly without damaging paintwork. The Life Light battery will last for three years and the light will start to flash slowly when it is running low.

Derek says: “At Life Light Rescue we take environmental responsibility extremely seriously; we don’t just want to protect the child but also the world they will grow up in. We use biodegradable packaging and aim to use corn husk based plastics. We plan to be carbon neutral through our Rainforest protection program.”

The Life Light is available to pre-order from the Life Light Rescue website.

Written by Rachel Holdsworth


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