Ellexus Makes Installation On The Cloud A Breeze

Dependency training and debugging tool visualises problems

Installing new software and migrating systems to the cloud is to become easier with Breeze, a unique dependency tracing software tool from Ellexus. Colourful graphics are used to show how your program interacts with your computer so you can solve installation issues or help your customers solve a problem remotely. It works like an x-ray into the program showing what the system looks like inside so engineers can see the cause of a problem easily. Such is the power of Breeze that its first customer is microchip-giant, ARM.

Ellexus’ founder Dr Rosemary Francis developed the idea for Breeze when, following a PhD in microchip design at the University of Cambridge, she was working as a consultant. She says:

“I saw how much time is wasted, managing complex software infrastructures, and I wanted a technique to drastically improve this process. So I developed Breeze, a Linux dependency tracing and debugging tool that captures the inner workings of a system.

“Breeze draws an intuitive diagram to help you visualise programs and systems; the kind you might draw yourself if you are explaining something. This graph shows   connections between all the files and programs. It makes it easy to understand and document a complex system so companies can get more value from their IT infrastructure.

“Breeze lets you identify all the files and libraries the program is using. This can be used to identify problems installing software or providing customer support. Breeze shows you which files a program failed to find, as well as what the program did, so you can troubleshoot an incomplete installation or build.”

In addition to dependency tracing, Breeze can also be used for debugging, breaking code into chunks to help you work out where the bug is. Breeze is the only tool for debugging scripts that is generic to all languages. Its innovative breakpoint technology is a powerful tool for stepping through mixed-language systems.

Rosemary explains why Breeze is so unique: “I wanted Breeze to have an easy-to-use dashboard and be useful for all programs and languages. You just run your program inside our tool and we show you the dependencies without any installation or configuration. It works straight away.”

Increasingly, companies are moving their systems to the cloud and Breeze simplifies migration by managing and maintaining complex scripted flows, including EDA flows and software builds. Users can package up their flows automatically, saving weeks of migration time.

Being able to access your files wherever you have an internet connection can be invaluable, but the downside of storage on the cloud is that it can be very expensive. Breeze helps you determine which files are being used by other programs and which are obsolete, so you only store what you need.

Breeze has the potential to make life easier for IT professionals around the world, and allow them to increase the quality of their customer service. You can use Breeze anywhere, so you can ask your customers to trace their problems and send you the result. This reduces the need for on-site visits and allows you to solve problems more quickly.

Rosemary says: “When you’re installing software or tool chains it is easy to miss one instruction and when it goes wrong you have no idea where to look for the problem. It can be extremely frustrating when a customer calls to say they have a problem yet the program works fine on your system. Using Breeze it is possible to trace dependencies remotely to solve installation issues for customers. The dataflow can be followed with a simple timeline which makes it possible to see where a problem starts long before an error message appears.”

Ellexus recently signed its first customer, ARM. Rosemary says: “We are thrilled to have ARM on board; once again they are showing commitment to embracing new technologies. Breeze can made the process of building complex software on their system more efficient. They are also able to solve their customers’ problems more quickly and cheaply.”

Written by Rachel Holdsworth

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