Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) reveals the appetite for risk should be fed with experience

Is entrepreneurship a contact sport?

15 Jan 2013, The View, Marriott Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

Entrepreneurship is not a solo activity and collaborative learning is a very effective way of developing the skills and appetite for risk that is essential for success, according to Dr Shima Barakat, Research and Teaching Fellow of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL), Cambridge UK. She will be discussing her research that shows how entrepreneurs benefit from a more participative approach to learning with Ahmed Ezzat, social entrepreneur and former Managing Director of Endeavor Egypt; Alsherif Wahdan, Vice President at Concord Corporate Finance and Securities Marketing; and Tarek Nasr, Managing Director Planet 360, in a panel discussion on 15th January 2013, Cairo.

Dr Barakat comments;

“Our research shows that entrepreneurship needs a different approach to traditional business management. In particular, entrepreneurs need to develop skills to be able to assess and validate new ideas. Learning from the successes and mistakes of others is a vital element of this and at CfEL we have developed a way of capturing the evolving wisdom of active entrepreneurs within a teaching programme.”

Cambridge, with its strong entrepreneurial track record, has a rich community of individuals with real world experience and the desire to support and nurture others. CfEL’s new Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship, accredited by the University of Cambridge, includes three weeks of residential study interacting with Cambridge entrepreneurs and fellow students. This collaborative experience continues within a ‘virtual learning environment’, which includes a programme of online lectures, and the chance to develop your own business concept with the support of mentors.

Ahmed Ezzat is former Managing Director of Endeavor Egypt, which formally began office operations in May 2008, and in March 2010, held its official launch and inaugural International Selection Panel. It is part of an international movement designed to catalyse sustainable development and aims to expand employment, generate wealth and inspire others to innovate. He agrees that sharing knowledge can fast track entrepreneurs and help them to avoid the pitfalls, he comments;

“Traditionally, Egypt has had a culture that places great value on stable public-sector jobs, however this is changing. Deregulation and privatisation are creating opportunities for innovation and the penetration of the Internet means that Egypt’s young generation now see famous entrepreneurs abroad as role models. Contact with entrepreneurs across the world will accelerate this transition.”

Although Egypt’s fiscal laws are challenging there are moves to encourage more investment in the private sector. Alsherif Wahdan, Vice President at Concord Corporate Finance and Securities Marketing says now is a good time to discuss the skills needed for entrepreneurship.

At the meeting there will be an opportunity to hear the perspectives of the three speakers followed by networking and refreshments. 18.00- 20.30, 15 Jan 2013, The View, Marriott Hotel, 16 Saray El Gezira, Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.
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About the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL), based at Cambridge Judge Business School, aims to spread the spirit of enterprise to both the University of Cambridge community and to wider national and international audiences through the creation and delivery of a range of educational activities that inspire and build skills in the practise of Entrepreneurship. One of CfEL’s key teaching values is that the best people to teach entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. This philosophy has led to the Centre collaborating with a network of over 300 experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and other practitioners to provide relevant, credible and practical training.

The Centre has developed an enviable track record in the field of entrepreneurship education with a number of flagship programmes designed to provide skills for students, graduates, researchers and aspiring entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and at different stages of the entrepreneurial journey. These programmes are Enterprise Tuesday, ETECH Projects, Ignite, Enterprisers and the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

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