Better Health Is Only A Glass A-Whey

Supplement aims to boost the immune system and beat the ageing process

An innovative and unique nutritional supplement designed to improve immune function and combat the ageing process is soon to be launched in the UK. Vitality Whey, manufactured by Whey Forward Health Industries Ltd, is designed specifically to boost natural antioxidant levels, maintain bone density and help protect the body from age-associated diseases and cancers.

Joe Faulkner-Edwards, CEO of Whey Forward Health Industries Ltd, says: “The idea first came to me when I was researching the use of whey protein for an article about sports nutrition. I was amazed to discover the huge breadth of health benefits associated with whey and I wanted to share this information with those outside of the sports nutrition field.”

Whey is the liquid that is left behind when milk is separated and the solid component (curds), turned into cheese. Lactose (a sugar found in milk) and fat are then removed using a special filtration method that leaves behind only the whey protein. For this reason, whey is incredibly popular with professional athletes who require a high protein diet to aid recovery.

“There is a preconceived notion that whey-based products are only necessary for those who want to build muscle, but this couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Cambridge-born Joe, who is an accredited personal trainer and once an elite sprinter. “Certainly Vitality Whey will help prevent age-associated muscle loss and frailty, but it can also strengthen the immune system and promote healthy organ function by protecting the body from free radical damage.”

Free radicals are toxic by-products of the reactions in our cells. They cause damage in a number of different ways and their levels are increased by factors such as sun exposure, cigarette smoke and certain chemicals. An accumulation of free radical damage over time is thought to contribute directly to the ageing process and to the development of age-associated diseases.

The company have taken advantage of recent developments in filtration technology which allow them to isolate and enhance the components of whey that confer the greatest health benefits. The whey is also processed at a lower temperature than normal, so that amino acids vital for the production of antioxidants are not damaged by high heat. These factors make Joe’s product unique, as it tailor made to help the body fight the ageing process.

“Vitality Whey is the only whey-based product in the UK with increased lactoferrin content,” explains Joe. “Not only does lactoferrin have anti-cancer properties, it also helps the body fight infections and reduces inflammation. What’s more, lactoferrin supports the production of a powerful antioxidant known as glutathione, which ‘soaks up’ free radicals before they can damage our cells.”

The National Osteoporosis Society states that in the UK, one in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 will fracture a bone, mainly due to poor bone health. As a dairy-derived protein, lactoferrin protects against bone degradation and may also aid bone repair. The protein also has a very beneficial effect on the skin, stimulating the repair of cuts and other injuries.

The supplement will be available as a powder that can be blended into a drink in much the same way you would blend a smoothie. Joe is also launching the Whey Forward Power Mixer; a battery powered, portable blender designed to ensure the drink has the perfect consistency.

Written by Claire Lynn

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